CRM led by Artificial Intelligence with focus on  generating more repeat sales

30% increase in sales at 6 months

- Repeat sales is the consequence of a good customer service
- We solved the complexity of repeat customer service scheduling
- AI Automation of your repeat sales processes

How to increase repeat sales in your customer base?

Getting in touch at the desired frequency with the right customer at the right time.

Repeat sales mean that
you need to sell every month on your customer base

Getting in touch at the desired frequency with the right customer at the right time.

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Do these questions impact your team's productivity and your sales result?

If so, we can help you.

1 - Which customer is at the right moment to make contact and sell again your service/product?

2 - Which product items in campaign have your customers never bought before, but have the profile to buy?

3 - Which customers have not bought or are buying below their potential due to lack of contact at the desired frequency?

4 - How do you keep track of which clients have been served and which have not?

Let Artificial Intelligence give you an edge over your competition

Discover our solutions - Our AI learns the best moment to get in touch with each customer

Smart customer service schedulling

We generate daily smart customer service schedulling for each salesperson, prioritizing customers with the highest buying potential at a specific day, analysing the frequency of purchases, non-payment, credit and average ticket.

Sales Channel Integration

Through sales channel integration you will be able to use inside sales team to sell to the   field salespeople's customers which are out of purchases frequency.

Digital Supervisor

Monitore 24×7, in your whatsapp, which customers are out of purchase frequency. SD is a robot that monitors your entire sales operation without holidays or health problems.

Ideal Mix

We suggest the product mix that your salesperson should offer at each visit or calling  prioritizing items that the customer has never bought before but has the profile to buy OR items that they used to buy regularly and have gone out of stock.

We do the digital transformation of your commercial, in 3 stages

Build smart customer service schedulling with goVendas

Follow 100% of the smart customer service schedulling suggested by our AI

Make a data-driven team sales management with daily feedbacks

Benefits for your company

  • Automating the sales routine with Artificial Intelligence 
  • 24×7 team productivity monitoring via AI-powered robot
  • Increase repeat sales


goVendas is the leader in Artificial Intelligence for CRM in Brazil.

We use Artificial Intelligence to generate smart schedules for your team to sell more and better, every day.