Which items has your customer never bought and has the profile to buy?

  • Increase your average ticket
  • Increase the volume and diversity of items sold
  • Help your salespeople to offer the right items for each customer

Use Artificial Intelligence to suggest items from your Mix that are at the right moment of purchase for each customer

Offer items that your customers have never bought before but have the profile to buy.

Use Artificial Intelligence to monitor the purchase frequency of each SKU in your portfolio

Monitor the purchase breakout of each SKU and offer the items to your customers.

Offer campaign items that customers buy regularly.

Show your team which product to offer to each customer.

How do you help your salespeople beat MIX sales targets?

Simply showing the customer's purchase history does not help.

You must show your salesperson which items/SKUs are at the right moment to be offered for each customer.

Increase your MIX introduction by suggesting SKUs that your customer has never bought before, but has the profile to buy

How do we suggest new items for your customers?

Keep selling the items your customers buy regularly at a well-defined frequency

There is no magic, but rather, AI algorithms that recommend the right item, at the right time for each customer

Benefits for your company

Increase the volume and diversity of items sold with less reliance on people

  • Increase sales of new items in your MIX
  • Build customer loyalty with products they buy regularly
  • Reduce stock-outs of items your customers buy regularly
  • Evolve your commercial model with a consultative salesapproach