24 x 7monitoring

  • Increase your supervisor's productivity by 30%.
  • Receive a list every day with customers outside the expected purchase frequency
  • Use a robot to accompany your team 24×7, without holidays or overtime

Visibility and spot management of missed sales opportunities that can help you beat your daily targets

Replicate in your team the best practices of the best Commercial Supervisors in the market

Use Artificial Intelligence to find sales opportunities that are draining down the drain

Depend less on people for sustainable growth

Monitor your operation 24 x 7 with no holidays and no rest

Create an action plan for the whole team to act on the root cause of the problem

How do you monitor the positivity of your customers and product MIX?

BI and ERP reports usually show the result (positive or negative) but do not present an action plan to increase your recurring sales.

Take that burden off your team!

Digital Supervisor at goVendas

It uses Artificial Intelligence to identify each customer's purchase forecast.

  • What is the regularity of purchases for each customer?
  • What is the expecteddate of the next purchase?
  • Which customers should have bought by today's date and have not yet bought?
  • Which items should you have already bought and haven't yet?

How does goVendas' Digital Supervisor work?

Benefits for your company

Sustainable growth with much less dependence on people

  • Increase the amount of sales
  • Increase productivity of supervisors;
  • Visibility to the directors of which gaps are compromising the goals.
  • Increase the regularity of sales from your customer base
  • Reactivation of inactive customers (Customers with no purchase for more than 90 days)